Target Investment Size

  • Enterprise Value: $25 - $150 million
  • EBITDA Size: $3 - $15 million
  • Seaport Investment: $10 - $30 million

Seaport Role

  • Active business development, M&A, strategic planning and capital support
  • Access to deep industry networks provide strategic and tactical execution support to our management teams
  • Focus on relevant company unit economic data and trends to support key business decisions
  • Significant focus on depth and breadth of portfolio company management
  • Active board role

Investment Characteristics

  • Recurring revenue
  • High barriers to entry
  • Organic EBITDA growth
  • Fixed cost structures with high incremental margins
  • Growing and fragmented industries
  • Control investments

Focus Sectors


Communication Infrastructure and Services

  • Owners and/or service providers of broadband & wireless physical infrastructure (including data, voice, video), including fiber, macro and micro wireless cell sites
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Service offerings on top of large public cloud

Business and Information Services

  • Tech-enabled services, software/ SaaS, and business process outsourcing businesses
  • Vertically agnostic but with experience in finance, healthcare, insurance, and education verticals


  • Advertising-driven models with location-based advantage