Keg Logistics and North Keg Combine to Provide New Keg Management Options to the Canadian Brewing Industry

January 19, 2021

Keg Logistics is pleased to announce its acquisition of Canadian-based keg leasing company, North Keg. The deal brings together the two leading keg leasing providers in the USA and Canada, creating the premier leader in the keg management sector supporting over 2,600 high growth breweries, cideries, and specialty beverage customers across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Keg Logistics is the only keg management company in the world that offers brewers multiple options to source kegs, including pay per use, flex term rentals, rent to own, and export keg supply. The company is uniquely positioned to provide a one stop solution to help its customers thrive in markets throughout North America and Europe. The acquisition of North Keg adds to the current Canadian brewing customers currently working with Keg Logistics and significantly deepens Keg Logistics’ density across Canada.

North Keg will continue to operate as before, but with the acquisition they will be able to expand to other parts of Canada and launch a pay per fill offering to all Canadian breweries. Canadian brewers will now have access to the full Keg Logistics/North Keg service menu with its ability to provide keg, brewery equipment financing, and logistics solutions to beer, wine, coffee, kombucha and cider producers.

Chris Sapyta, Keg Logistics CEO and pioneer of the keg management industry stated that “I am very excited to add North Keg to our Keg Logistics family. I see a tremendous opportunity to join our two successful companies together to be able to deliver a best of class keg management solution to every size Canadian Brewer. We will be able to service the startup brewer and provide cost saving options to any Canadian Brewer who sells nationwide and exports to the USA or EU”. 

North Keg, founded by Matt Wowchuk and Eric Liptok in 2017, has provided keg leasing solutions to an ever-expanding portfolio of breweries in Canada and their Toronto-based hub provides keg servicing capabilities and stocks new keg inventory to allow brewers quick access to the best quality stainless steel kegs in the market. Mr. Wowchuk will continue in a sales leadership role in Canada, while Jacob Liptok will manage the Canadian operations hub. “Teaming with Keg Logistics allows North Keg to provide Canadian Customers with kegs via a short-term rental, a lease to own option and offer an export keg program in stainless kegs for brewers in Canada. We will soon be expanding the Keg Logistics pay-per-fill model into Canada as well, uniquely positioning our company to be the only single keg provider to address all keg requirements of any size brewer”, said Matt Wowchuk.

About Keg Logistics
Denver, CO based Keg Logistics was founded in 2011 by industry veteran, Chris Sapyta, the founder of MicroStar Keg Management. Keg Logistics is a leading provider of keg and equipment financing to breweries and wineries globally. Keg Logistics provides its customers in the USA, UK and Canada with a flexible pathway to owning their own kegs and maximizing their growth and profitability. In addition to financing solutions, Keg Logistics also manages both domestic and international logistics, as well as 3PL support. For more information, please visit

About North Keg
Toronto, Ontario based North Keg was founded in 2017. North Keg has built an impressive list of brewery customers across Canada by being the first to offer the growing Canadian craft brewing community an alternative to sourcing kegs. The customers of North Keg can have a personalized, branded, top quality European kegs delivered to their door in less than two weeks anywhere in the country. North Keg can provide financial support to allow brewers to secure keg assets, tanks, and all related brewing equipment. For more information, please visit