eoStar Announces Chris Timmer as New CEO

November 22, 2021

eoStar, today announced that the company has appointed Chris Timmer as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective September 30th. Chris will assume day-to-day leadership of the company and will also join eoStar’s Board of Directors.

Chris has over 20 years in executive leadership.  His skills in team building, strategy development, sales management, marketing, operations management, and culture development will ensure a collaborative organization that strives to help each other succeed. Most recently, Chris was the Chief Revenue Officer at BluJay Solutions, which was an evolution of a West Michigan company, Lean Logistics, that Chris helped to both start and grow to unexpected levels of success.

“Chris is a proven leader with strong technical skills and great business insights. He has a remarkable ability to see what’s going on in the market, to sense opportunity, and to really understand how we come together to execute against those opportunities in a collaborative way.” President, Paul Rutherford 

In conjunction with eoStar’s new CEO Chris Timmer, the company welcomes Sumit Sakalle as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Sumit joins eoStar with over 22 years of progressive engineering leadership and the right mix of experience to evolve and support the organization execute its ambitious plans for growth.

Sumit has led globally distributed architecture, development, quality control, UI/UX, tech/dev ops, and machine learning programming teams of 120+ resources, developing multiple product lines. His experience includes designing and building an AI-based architecture platform to support multiple SaaS-based ERPs for Sourcing, Procurement, Marketplace, and spend analytics applications. 

“We are proud of eoStar’s ability to attract a person of Sumit’s experience and caliber. Sumit has proven success with developing and launching comprehensive platforms as a scalable enterprise, multi-tenant SaaS product, with web and mobile applications.” CEO, Chris Timmer

About eoStar
eoStar, formally known as Rutherford & Associates was founded in 1986. eoStar provides an end-to-end software solution for direct store delivery distributors, including route accounting, warehouse management, voice picking, forecasting, and mobile sales capabilities. The eoStar platform is now serving over 14,000 users in beverage, wine & spirits, and food service. eoStar is a strategic partner with MillerCoors and the preferred technology and solution for Coca-Cola North America, North Star.