Reserve Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition by S&K Communications

October 22, 2007

October 15, 2007: Reserve Holdings, Inc., a private telecommunications provider serving St. John the Baptist Parish with telephone, cable television and high-speed Internet services, announced today that it had completed the sale of the company to S&K Communications. S&K Communications is controlled by Sean E. Reilly and Kevin P. Reilly, Jr. Reserve Holdings, Inc. had been majority-owned by Seaport Capital since 1998 and has been providing telecommunications services since 1935.

Steve McCall, a partner at Seaport Capital, said, “Reserve has grown tremendously under our ownership and expanded both its service offerings and service area to include substantially all of St. John the Baptist Parish. We are proud of what the company has accomplished over the last nine years and are confident Reserve will continue to thrive under Sean and Kevin’s ownership.”

“We look forward to continuing the company’s history of offering innovative services and outstanding customer service to the residents of St. John the Baptist Parish,” said Sean Reilly. Reserve’s current senior management team, including CEO Bill Ironside, will continue to run the day-to-day operations of the business and the company will remain headquartered in Reserve, Louisiana.

About Reserve Holdings

Reserve Holdings, Inc. provides a full suite of telecommunications products and services to residential and business customers in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. Its service offerings include telephone, cable television and high-speed Internet services. Reserve was established in 1935. For more information, please visit

About S&K Communications

S&K Communications is a holding company controlled by Sean E. Reilly and Kevin P. Reilly, Jr. Sean E. Reilly is the COO of Lamar Advertising Company and Kevin P. Reilly, Jr. is the CEO of Lamar Advertising Company.