The Partners of Seaport have invested together, collectively, for over 85 years and bring a passion for helping founders and management teams build market-leading companies.  Founded in 1997, Seaport invests in companies in the communications, business and information services, and media industries.  We have spent the majority of our investment careers investing in the lower middle market of these industries, staying true to our roots and investing in what we know best.  We typically are the first institutional capital in the companies in which we invest, often partnering with the founder or entrepreneur led management team to provide the capital and resources to take the companies to the next level.  Our extensive investing experience enables us to develop successful strategies alongside management; our relationships and resources help achieve them.

Deep Sector Knowledge

We have spent the majority of our investment careers in our target industries, creating deep sector knowledge and extensive networks that allow us to provide strategic insights and ideas.

Collaborative Approach with Management

We are not operators of businesses; instead we provide strategic guidance and assist in creating long-term strategic plans with our management teams and provide the resources for them to execute on a strategic vision.


The Seaport founders have worked together for over 25 years and the senior investment team have known and worked with each other for over 15 years. Together, we have managed through multiple economic cycles and understand what it takes to grow and scale a business.


Our long-term history is predicated on staying disciplined, investing in business models we know well, and building on our experience to guide companies towards growth opportunities.

Focus on Multiple of Invested Capital

We are long-term and patient investors that seeks to maximize the return on invested capital.  We believe in our investment strategy and are large investors in our own funds.